Getting Kids Hooked on Shred!

Getting Silverton Kids Hooked on Shred!

Winter is back, and with it comes exciting changes for youth skiing and snowboarding in Silverton, CO. In the past, the Silverton School District has managed the ski team, but the needs of this program have far outgrown what the school can deliver. This is a great problem to have!

We would like to announce the establishment of the Silverton Winter Sports Club. 

Our nonprofit organization aims to develop inclusive and character-building snowsports programs -- both competitive and non-competitive -- for Silverton kids of all ages. We want children with an interest in skiing and snowboarding to have an outlet to develop their passion and skills. What a town we live in for this!

Programs for the 2016/2017 year include: 

  • a snowsports training program at Kendall Mountain for ages 6-18 focused on developing skills in alpine racing and freestyle elements and cultivating a general love for on-snow activities;
  • a big mountain ski and snowboard program at Silverton Mountain for middle and high school aged kids; and 
  • support for kids who wish to race at Purgatory, Wolf Creek, Lake City, Kendall Mountain and beyond.

Skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports, and we do not want cost to prevent a motivated child from participating. Your contribution enables the Silverton Winter Sports Club to pay for coaching, insurance, lift tickets, race entries, lift time at Kendall, transportation, equipment, family financial aid, and more. 

Please consider a donation to help Silverton's youth develop a love of snow sports!

Families will pay a small fee for participation, but this organization is funded almost entirely by donations from folks like you. Please help us ensure all Silverton students have the opportunity to cultivate skills in a sport that offers joy, physical activity, education and challenge in our snowy, mountain town. 

Thank you for your support!

The Board of the Silverton Winter Sports Club
Deanna Clauson, Nipper Alsup, Lance and Vanessa Roberts, Chris Gober, Rob Roof and Shane Fuhrman

**Follow our fun and progress this season on our Facebook page

Vanessa Holgate R